STA Metallic Color Pen Set of 10 Pcs

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Premium Metallic Marker Pens, STA Set of 10 Assorted Colors Paint Pen for Scrapbooking Crafts accessories, DIY Photo Album, Art Rock Painting, Card Making, Metal and Ceramics, Glass - Fine Tip.

STA 6551 Metallic Marker Pens with Flexible Brush Tip.

Create something beautiful with DealKits High-Quality Metallic Marker Pens.

Markers Ideal for DIY Photo Album, Black Card stock, Sketchpad, Scrapbooking, Glass Bottle, Pottery, Wedding Craft, Black Dark Paper, Drawing Coloring Book, Birthday Greeting Card, etc.

  • 10 Assorted Colors: White, Blue, Olive, Green, Pink, Silver, Gold, Purple, Grey, Brown.
  • Work On Paper, glass, plastic, pottery, stones, ceramics, wood. Especially for black card stock or anything else black.
  • Now the world is your canvas. Metallic markers give you the power to use any color on any surface. It's that simple.
  • Mark Your Glass: Perhaps most importantly, you can now set down that glass without immediately forgetting whose it was... Beautiful and practical.
  • Quick-drying won't smear or bleed through paper and is fade-resistant. 
  • Can be easily removed from glass, plastic, pottery by wet tissue/cloth.


In order to get the best user experience, keep the pen horizontal as far as possible.

  1. For optimal performance please ensure the marker caps are secure when they are not in use.
  2. Please do not pull the cap directly and roughly, since the different air pressure inside and outside the caps may lead the ink to leak out.
  3. After use, please lid the pen cap because it is easy to dry.
  4. When you use the white color(can NOT be used on the white paper), you need to wait for about 10s then the color will be displayed.

Color:  10(Color) White, Blue, Olive, Green, Pink, Silver, Gold, Purple, Grey, Brown

Package Include 10 x Metallic Color Pens.

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