Derwent Blender and Burnisher Color Pencils 72 Tub

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Burnisher - used over color creates a burnish (or shine) without changing the color of your artwork. Lay the burnisher down first and it can be used for "wax resist" techniques in conjunction with our softer pencils.

Colorless Blender:

  • Blends colors together easily.
  • Helps artists to apply more layers of color.
  • Enhances the intensity of colored pencils.


Tub containing 36 blenders and 36 burnishers.

The Derwent Blister Pack is containing 72 of each of the Blender and Burnisher Pencils plus an Eraser and Sharpener.

The Derwent Blender pencil is a soft Colorless Pencil that will enable you to blend 72 or more colors to create a new color.

At the same time, it physically mixes and smoothes the colors so individual strokes and hard edges are softened.

The Derwent Burnisher is a Hard Colorless Pencil that when used over layers of pigment provides a rich polished finish.

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