Keep Smiling Electric Eraser With Refile

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1.According to the arrows on the lid Push the battery cover.


2.Install two AAA batteries in keeping with the fine and poor marks.


3.Cover the battery lid.




1.Press the button and the eraser starts to rotate.


2.Rotate backward and forward to erase all of the region you do not want.


Replace the eraser:


1.After the rubber is used up, pull out the rubber clip.


2.Then pull out the eraser approximately 3mm.


3.Back to the unique, you could re-use.




1. Avoid setting any components on your mouth.


2. For long time use, please eliminate the battery.


Packing list:


1 pc Electric Eraser


12 desktops Big Eraser Refills(φ5mm)


10 computers Small Eraser Refills(φ2.3mm)


2 pcs Plastic Rubber Clips

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