M&G Dual Side Aquarelle Brush Pen Marker

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Markers has dual tip ends, perfect for everyday use and decoration or gifts for upcoming holidays. 1-2 mm brush tip for coloring, shading and blending. 0.8 mm round tip for outlining and fine detail. This set comes with a bonus zip up mesh carrying case ( measures 9.25” x 4.60” inch) to store them in or carry them.

Great for design work, coloring books and perfect for school, craft, hobby and DIY projects. These makers pens art kits are perfect for fine art techniques, card making, illustrations, sketching, painting, drawing, coloring, graphic, design card making, gouache, rubber stamping, calligraphy, hand-lettering, doodling, journaling, novelty projects, sharpie projects, design animation, coloring mandalas with the kids, full-color graphic novel and more!

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