White Nights Metallic & Pastel Watercolor Set Of 12

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An excellent artist’s quality metallic & pastel full pan watercolour paint set known for its high pigmentation, colour intensity and luminous transparency, the NEVSKAYA PALITRA White Nights Watercolour Set is perfect for painters of all skill levels.

This compact full 12-pan set is suitable for use in the studio or for outdoor, plein-air painting. The full-sized pans also makes it easier to pick up colour with brushes of any size. Each set comes packaged with a lightweight plastic palette for convenient colour mixing.

Colours in this set include:

  • Antique Gold
  • Bronze
  • Aztec Gold
  • Inca Gold
  • Copper
  • Silver Light
  • Silver Deep
  • Pearl-Grey
  • Petersburg Ochre
  • Mocha
  • Maroon
  • Naples Flesh

Made In Russia

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