Maries Dope Dyed Fiber Permanent Fabric Paint Set Of 12

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Multi Purpose Permanent Fabric Paint

Not only for fabric such as canvas, shoes, t-shirts, these fabric paints can also be applied to other textured surfaces such as paper, wood, glass, walls. Perfect for any DIY project.

No heating required and anti-fade

It requires no heating, dries fast and our paints can perform live for a long time. Save a lot of hassle! Apply these permanent and dry quick dyes to your T-shirts, jeans, canvas shoes or for better effects use a brush and dilute with water.

Versatile and safe textile dyes

This translucent paint box set can be used on synthetic and natural fabric. It is non-toxic and safe for humans and the environment.

The perfect Set you desire

Permanent fabric and textile dye set with 12 bottles (10ml) including regulator (30ml) to bring your creation alive and run your project freely.

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