Winsor Newton Professional Watercolor Lightweight Sketchers Box 24 Half Pans

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The Winsor & Newton Artists’ Professional Water Color Lightweight Metal Box 24 Half Pan Set is the ultimate choice at an amazing value.

It’s what Winsor newton is all about: an invitation to make art that you can’t turn down. Chemist William Winsor and artist Henry Newton were the pair who developed moist watercolors in 1835, and the great British company they founded has consistently produced the very finest colors ever since.

This excellent quality set from Winsor & Newton contains 24 Half Pans in a sturdy and lightweight case.

High-performance pigments ensure the strength of color combined with extremely high permanence ratings.

The wide and balanced spectrum of colors in Half Pans, Whole Pans, and in 5ml, 14ml, and 37ml tubes.

Every pigment is unique and so each is treated according to its nature and behavior.

This set offers a well-balanced array of 24 Half Pans, brilliant and pure colors ready at the touch of a brush, housed in a sturdy metallic case that doubles as a palette.

It’s portable, practical, and unbeatable value.

Contains x2 Series 4 Cadmium Free colors (total value £20.70). This range delivers the same performance as their existing cadmium paint - they're just safer for you and the environment.

Set Contents:

Contains 24 x Professional Watercolour half pans: Winsor Lemon • Winsor Yellow • Cadmium-Free Yellow • Winsor Orange Cadmium-Free Red • Alizarin Crimson • Permanent Rose • Permanent Magenta • Winsor Violet (Dioxazine) • Indanthrene Blue • French Ultramarine • Winsor Blue (Green Shade) • Cerulean Blue • Winsor Green (Blue Shade) • Hooker’s Green • Permanent Sap Green • Olive Green • Yellow Ochre • Raw Sienna • Burnt Sienna • Raw Umber • Burnt Umber • Payne’s Gray • Ivory Black.

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